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Model A Hydraulic Brake Conversion
Our hydraulic conversion, is an easy to install kit which will have your old stock Model A stopping in no time.  You will have to slightly modify the spindles and the rear spring hanger for the conversion to fit properly.

Our kit includes everything you will needed except for the steel brake lines. Brake hoses, fittings, and e-brake cable are now included!        $3304

Model A Rear Hub - New Design

US made 1940 Ford style rear hub that works with our Lincoln style drum (1126L). For use with Model A rear axles
Our updated Model A rear hub has been updated to eliminate the hub to drum spacer.                                                                                                   $295

Model A Hydraulic Brake Conversion
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Deluxe Model A kit
drums, wheel cylinders, and brake shoes are not pictured, but are included in the kit