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About MT Car Products 
About MT Car Products 
MT Car Products sells Authentic Replacement vintage brakes for nostalgia hot rods, and specialized car products for 1928-1948 Ford's. We are able to retrofit brakes through custom design to meet the needs of your nostalgia Hot Rod.

Mt Car Products was started in 1975 when Dave Wilton was working on his 29 Ford and found that the existing brakes constantly needed to be adjusted. He decided to create a better brake, and changed it from a mechanical to a hydraulic brake. This 'change over' hydraulic brake proved to be 75% more effective in braking power, and was a great success. With that innovation, MT Car Products was started. Today, MT Car Products is now owned by Derrek Boling, a highly skilled hot rod builder and metal fabricator. Derrek has kept the MT Car Products line to the same high quality standards as Dave Wilton had for so many years.

At MT Car Products we have a full line of brake products available to retrofit your 1928-1948 Ford car or truck to perform more efficiently and safely on today's freeways.